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We are not dead!

Hello all!

I want to make the sincerest apology to all the members of this community for my lack of attention and moderation. Life has been rather hectic for me for the past year and I have not had the time to devote to Livejournal. I also realized today that I did not have the community on my friends list for some reason, so I was missing all of the new entries when I did check LJ.

I am back, now, though, and I'd like to help breathe life back into this place.

The spammers of this community have been banned and their entries deleted.

I'd like to give a very warm welcome to all of the new members who have joined in my absence. I have always tried, in the past, to make sure I welcome each person individually by commenting on their first posts, so please accept this as my welcome message to each of you that I have missed.

Please help me to bring this place back to life!
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